Q: Do you need to be a great swimmer before starting synchro?practice lift

A: No, you do not need to be a great swimmer before you start synchro.  At Aquatica Synchro, great swimming technique is learned in conjunction with synchro-specific skills.

Q: Are there any classes held in shallow water?

A: Yes!  Our AquaSquirts program is held at the shallow end of the pool.  This class is appropriate for children ages 5-8 who are not yet comfortable in deep water.


Q: What skills are developed by being involved in synchronized swimming?

A: Synchro is the ultimate sport for developing a host of physical literacy skills.  Not only does a synchro athlete become a great swimmer; they also develop strength, power, grace, rhythm musicality, endurance and flexibility.  It’s also the ultimate team sport- every member of the team is crucial to its success.


Q: Synchronized swimming looks difficult- is it? 

There is a lot going on in synchronized swimming. Athletes need to be powerful, to move across the pool quickly.  They need great balance, during lifts and while performing moves upside down.  They need excellent breath control, as they are under the water for long periods of time, and they need grace and artistry, to make everything look beautiful.  Aquatica synchro has many different programs to meet athletes at the stage they are at, then gradually progress to more difficult skills when the athlete is ready to make that progression. 


Q: Is there a program available for teens who are new to synchro?

A: Yes!  We are offering a new program this year: Learn to Synch Teen.  This is the perfect class for new synchro swimmers ages 12-16.


Q: What about Adults who have never done synchro before?

A: Synchronized swimming is a great sport for anyone, regardless of age. Our Masters recreational program is geared to adults who are new to synchro, but are interested in the fun and fitness of once a week fitness class.  For those adults who have previous synchro experience, our Masters competitive program may be right for you.  See program page for more information about any of the programs we offer.


Q: Can boys participate?

A: Absolutely!  Boys are more than welcome to join in any program we offer.  As a matter of fact, now is the best time for boys to get involved as a mixed duet category has just been added to FINA sanctioned competitions.  


Q: How do synchronized swimmers hear the music when they are underwater?

A: Synchronized swimmers are able to hear the music even when their heads are submerged; thanks to underwater speakers.  In fact, they can hear the music better underwater than above water!